Carbon Steel Class 300 - Regular Pattern - Standard Type


AL'DCO Lubricated Taper Plus Valve has been successfully used in a variety of services because of its unique in-line maintenance capability. The Plug and Body seating surfaces, which are lapped and matched, are not exposed to the line fluid; this confines corrosion and erosion to less critical areas. Sealing is further enhanced by a specially developed plug sealant, charged evenly around the seating surfaces. Plugs from l1/:" are impregnated with a PTFK based anti-friction agent - 'SUPER LoMiT which provides greater wear resistance and ensures low consistent operating torque. SUPER UMu also enhances resistance to seizure.


Regular Pattern Carbon Steel Lubricated Taper Plug Valves arc all supplied with square stems suitable for wrench operation (MW scries). Wrenches, as required, should however be ordered separately.
As a standard. Carbon Steel Plug Valves are supplied with AUDCO 733 Plug sealant which is suitable for most hydrocarbon services. On request, plug sealant from a wide range offered, can he supplied lo suit the nature of service. It is recommended that you consult us before selecting the plug sealant for a new service


Valves can be offered with screwed ends, flanged ends and socket weld ends to the following standards.



BS Tr as per BS21 & NPT as per ANSI/ASMEBI.20.1


To match flanges drilled to ANSI/ ASMK BI6.5 Class 300 Rl\ spirally serrated.

Drilling to DIN 2545 PN40 or BS 4504 PN 40 can be offered.

A familiarity with our Catalogue numbering is not necessary when specifying our valves.

Provide the following details of the valve to our Distributor/Stockist:
    • Si/e
    • Type (Standard, Inverted)
    • Line Fluid
    • Pattern (Regular, Vcnturi. Short)
    • Materials of construction (Body* Plug)
    • Pressure Rating
    • End Connection & Type of Operation