Multi Port Cast Iron - Three way & Four way Regular Pattern - Standard Type


AUDCO Lubricated Taper Plug Valve has been successfully used in a variety of services because of its unique in line maintenance capability. The Plug and Body seating surfaces, which are lapped and matched, are not exposed to the line fluid; this confines corrosion and erosion to less critical areas. Sealing is further enhanced by a specially developed plug sealant charged evenly around the sealing surfaces* Plugs from Vf2** arc impregnated with a PTFE based anti-friction agent - 'SUPER LoMu' which provides greater wear resistance and ensures low consistent operating torque. SUPER LoMu also enhances resistance to seizure,

Multiport Lubricated Taper Plug Valves provide

  1. Reduction in number of valves & fillings which results in simplified pipe layout*
  2. Quick and easier operation with increased safetj and reliability.
  3. Reduction in overall cost of installation & operation.
Multiport Plug Valves of three-way (MT Series) and four-way (MU Series) are ideally suited for flow diversion and tight shut-off against full rated pressure in the positive direction i.e. the line pressure holds the plug against the body port which is to be shut off from higher pressure (refer Fig. below).

Multiport Plug Valves arc all supplied wiih square stems suitable for wrench operation. Wrenches, as required, should however be ordered separately.
All Four-way valves arc provided with 90* rotational stops. As a standard. Three-way valves are offered without stops, but on specific request, can be fitted with stops for any combination of flow positions as shown in the Fig, below.

As a standard. Multiport Plug Valves are supplied with AUDCO 731 sealant which is suitable for most services other than acid solutions and petroleum products. On request, plug sealant from a wide range ofTcred, can be supplied to suit the nature of service. It is recommended that you consult us before selecting the plug sealant for a new service.

Nairn of Part


  Cover & Gland

  Cast Iron IS210Gr. TO 220


  Casi Iron IS 210Gr. FG 220 or
  Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr.WCB


  Carbon Steel
  Studs             : BS970 220M07
  Hex. Serew   : ANSIBI8.2J
  Hex. Nut        : ANSIBI8.2.2


  Mild Steel, Nickel Plated

  Gland Packing

  Rubberised Asbestos,


  Compressed Asbestos,


Valves can be offered with ends to the following standards.



BSP Tr as per BS21.

Flanged :

To match flanges drilled to BS 10 Table D, F and ANS1/ASME BI6.I Class 125.
Drilling to DIN 2532 PN 10. BS 4504 PN lOor BS 10Tabic R can be offered.

Valves can also be offered with undrilled

A familiarity with our Catalogue number is not necessary when specifying our Valves. Provide the following details of the valves to our Distribution/Stockiest:-Size, Type, Line Fluid. Materials of construct ion. Pressure Rating, Eod Connection & Type of Operation