Wafer-type Butterfly Valves : PN - 10, PN - 16 ratings

The AIL METSEAL Butterfly Valve is a high performance valve which is used for positive isolation in Power Generation, Petroleum Refining, Oil and Gas Production, Chemical, Petrochemical and Gas Processing industries. The valves are manufactured to the latest international designs, using advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control checks.

AUDCO INDIA LIMITED (AIL) is a leading valve manufacturer, with a strong presence in India and overseas.

AIL has three manufacturing facilities located in Southern India. The main plant is located in Manapakkam, Chennai. The two other plants are at Maraimalai Nagar, 40 kilometres south and at Kancheepuram, 70 kilometres west of the main plant. These plants are equipped with modern manufacturing facilities with special-purpose machines, automatic welding equipment, heat treatment furnaces and testing equipment for total control of all manufacturing operations. In-house metallurgical and NDE and calibration facilities with modern equipment provide support to ensure the quality of products manufactured.
AfL METSEAL Manufacturi

AIL manufactures a wide variety of industrial valves. The Quality Management System in all three plants is certified to ISO 9001:2000 System.



AIL METSEAL Manufacturing Programm
Triple Offset Geometry    
The triple offset geometry (see details on page 6) ensures a uniform compressive seal around the entire seat, and produces a wedging effect. The triple offset, combined with the resilient construction, ensures both zero leakage and bidirectionality.
The triple offset geometry also ensures contact between the body seat and disc seal only at the final shut-off position, thereby eliminating wear and enhancing life.
Special Disc Profile    
The disc is designed for minimum obstruction to flow, and is made of high integrity casting with integrally cast hubs. The upper hub is attached to the shaft by means of a key for positive engagement. The disc seal is attached to the disc by means of a retainer ring.
Laminar Resilient Disc Seal    
The laminar seal is constructed with graphite layers sandwiched between metal layers bonded together. The seats are suitable to withstand temperatures up to 5380C (10000F). The construction allows for resiliency of the seal material which flexes and energises according to the compressive forces generated. The resiliency of the seal allows the valve body and disc to contract or expand without the risk of jamming due to temperature changes. As a standard, the metal layers are of stainless steel. Alternate materials like monel and inconel are also available.
Raised conical Body Seat    
The raised conical body seat prevents solid accumulation interfering with the seal. As a standard, the seat is hard faced to meet severe service conditions.
Fire-safe design    
The valves being metal seated are intrinsically fire safe and are suitable for use in most critical applications. The valves are fire
safe to API 6FA and BS 6755 PartII
High integrity Shaft Sealing    
The shaft is of single-piece design which provides greater rigidity to the disc and imparts better resistance to bending. The shaft is keyed to the upper hub of the disc, which allows for differential expansion due to variation in temperature.
The main shaft seal is located at the top housing area inthe form of a stuffing box arrangement which consists ofgraphite packings, glandand gland flange. Theentire glandarrangement isasbestos-free in line with international norms. The shaft sealing at the bottom housing uses a gasket between the bottom cover and the bottom housing. Braided graphite rings are provided both at the top and bottom housing to prevent ingress of solid particles. Special packings can be provided to achieve low level of fugitive emission.
One-piece blowout-proof Shaft  
The shaft bottom face isattached to the thrustplate, which is locatedbetween the bearing and the bottom cover plate.In addition, a step in theupper shaft area is heldin place by the gland.These features providefull anti-blowoutprotection.

Shaft Bearings
The two bearings provided assure concentric stem rotation, allowing stem packing to provide maximum sealing effectiveness. As a standard, the bearings are made from nitrided stainless steel.
Actuator mounting Bracket    
All valves are provided with brackets for easy on-site mounting of actuator. These brackets have actuator mounting holes conforming toISO 5211.
            Dimensional Details
    Triple Offset Geometry
First Offset   Second offset   Third Offset
The centre of rotation of the disc is moved away from the seat. This allows complete sealing contact around the entire seal.Second Offset
The centre of rotation of the disc is shifted from the valve body centre line. The extent of interference is reduced resulting in greater seal life.
The centre line of the sealing cone is tilted away from the bore centre line resulting in an ellipsoidal profile. The result is a frictionless seal with uniform compressive sealing around the entire seat.