The C44 series Cryogenic Valve is designed for low temperature services down to -196°C. Typical applications are LNG storage/distribution, terminal unloading stations, liquid Nitrogen and liquid Oxygen lines.The valves incorporate exclusive features such as
•   Positive bail cavity relief - an upstream relief hole in the ball to prevent over pressure due to thermal expansion
• Effective stem extensions - conformance to standard international practices ; selection   of wall thickness and lengths to keep heat transfer down, packing frost-free,   operational torques low and actuators well supported
• Superior stem design - a one-piece stem with special stem seals to ensure a   zero-  leak stem and low operating torque
• High performance sealing - special seats and body seals to ensure bubble-tight   shutof f and zero body leakage
• Ease of installation - three-piece construction to facilitate easy installation and   maintenance
• Flexibility - a variety of end connections such as screwed end, socket-weld end and   extension nipples
NOTE : For general dimensions, refer to table on A44 series. Alls single-piece valves are also available for cryogenic service with and without stem extensions.