Reduced Bore Ball Valves Single-piece and two-piece design


AF51, AF52 - Fire-safe series

              AF55, AF56 - Fire-safe series
These single-piece Ball Valves are high performance valves which fire-safe design Ball Valves come with a one-piece integrally flanged body, in sizes of up to 200mm. This design offers the unique advantage of eliminating the possibility of external leakage to the atmosphere through bolted body joints. These environment-friendly and high-integrity valves are preferred in critical applications where the media is expensive, volatile or toxic, and where external leakage or wastage is unacceptable
2-piece design fire-safe design Ball Valves complement the single-piece design in 250mm size
  AF52 (Class 300)

  AF56 (Class 300)
Dimensional Details - Flanged end (in mm, unless specified)
AF51 (Class 150)
   AF55 (Class 150)

Valve design

BS 5351
  Test pressures
kg/cm (psl)
31.5 (450)
79.0 (1125)

Fire Test

API 607, 4th edition   Shell Class 150 (hydrostatic)
Class 300 (hydrostatic)
Pressure Testing

API 598 (testing as per
BS 6755 Part 1 on request)

      Seat Class 150 (air)
Class 300(air)
Face-to-face dimensions
ASME B16.10
End flange dimensions ASME B16.5 Class 150 Rf and Class 300 RF