Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves

AIL Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves have established themselves the world over for their quality, reliability and long service. Rugged and compact in design, these valves are manufactured to the latest international designs using advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control checks. The valves are regularly supplied to major Indian and international clients including oil refining companies and EPC contractors. They are available in a range of sizes starting from 1/4" to 2" (in reduced-bore design) and from 3/8" to 11/2" (in full-bore design).
AUDCO INDIA LIMITED (AIL) is a leading valve manufacturer, with a strong presence in India and overseas. AIL has three manufacturing facilities located in Southern India. The main plant is located in Manapakkam, Chennai. The two other plants are at Maraimalai Nagar, 40 kilometres south and at Kancheepuram, 70 kilometres west of the main plant. The plants are equipped with modern manufacturing facilities with special-purpose machines, automatic welding equipment, heat treatment furnaces and testing equipment for total control of all manufacturing operations. In-house metallurgical and NDE laboratories, and calibration facilities with modern equipment provide support to ensure the quality of products manufactured. AIL manufactures a wide variety of industrial valves. The Quality Management System in all three plants is certified to ISO 9001:2000 System.
  AIL Manufacturing Program

Pressure testing as per API 598 - for ASTM A105 and LF2*   -for other materials
Compliance Standerds
For Class 150 valves, the flange drilling dimensions will be as per Class 150 and all other dimensions as per Class 300.End flanges are welded onto the body.
Bellows-Sealed Gate and Globe valves conform to BS 5352.
Socket-weld Class 800 Reduced Bore valves conform to Class 3000 (or Sch.80/Sch.XS) fittings of ASME B16.11.
Socket-weld Class 800 Full Bore valves conform to Class 6000 (or Sch.160) fittings of ASME B16.11.
Socket-weld Class 1500 Standard Port valves conform to Class 9000 (or Sch.XXS) fittings of ASME B16.11.
Full Bore design also conforms to ASME B16.34 ** API 602/BS 5352 for Class 800 and ASME B16.34 for Class 150/300/600/1500/2500.

    Straight-pattern Gate/Globe/Check Valves
salient features

Bolted body-bonnet design for valves up to Class 800. Valves with welded bonnet also available on request
Screwed with seal-welded body-bonnet design for valves; of Class 1500
Bellows-sealed Gate and Globe valves available in Class 800
Bolted body-bonnet joints provided with spiral-wound stainless steel gasket and graphite filler for maximum protection against leaks
Die-formed graphite inner packing rings and braided graphite end rings with Inconel wire reinforcement and corrosion inhibitor
T-head stem-disc connection of gate valve fully meets strength requirements of API 602 and API 598
Rolled ACME thread on stem for smooth operation
Tapered shoulder on the stem for back seating
Self-aligning type gland assembly with stud-and-nut tightening
Integral hard-faced body seat for globe and check valves

Spring-loaded disc on check valves suitable for non-horizontal applications too
Gate and globe valves can be offered with electrical actuators

.Austenitic SS forging for body and bonnet of Cryogenic valves, resulting in excellent impact strength, minimal heat loss and resistance to corrosion
.alves can be supplied with IBR certification
Body and Trim Combinations

Trim Materials

Gate Valves Material Specification (Typical for Fig No. 28101)
Gate Valves   Material Specification (Typical for Fig No. 25101)
Y-pattern Globe/Check Valves
AIL Forged Steel Y-pattern Globe and Check Valves have established themselves in the industry for their rugged and compact design, and reliable service. These valves are offered in Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel. They are available in a range of sizes starting from 1/4" to 2" (in reduced-bore design) and from 3/8" to 11/2" (in full-bore design).
The rugged construction ensures an ideal body and bonnet, suited to handle high pressure and temperatures - up to 4250C in carbon steel and 5400C in alloy steel.
The Y-pattern design ensures a near-perfect straight flow which significantly reduces pressure drop and turbulence when compared to conventional designs.
As a standard, valves are supplied with screwed body-bonnet joint, which ensures ease of inspection and in-line maintenance, thus minimising downtime.
AIL Y-pattern valves can be offered to NACE MR-0175 and other special NACE requirements. They can also be supplied with IBR certification.
Y-pattern Globe Valves  
Disc and Seat
The disc is provided with two integral rings to guide it throughout its travel in the body. This minimises side thrust on the disc and eliminates bending of the stem even at high flow velocities. Body and disc seats are hard-faced to ensure a long, trouble-free life cycle.
Disc-Stem Connection
The unique joint at the disc and the stem provides for a flexible yet strong connection that enables the disc to freely float on the stem. This results in perfect alignment of the disc with the stem.
Gland Arrangement
The two-piece ball-type gland flange arrangement ensures uniform loading on the packing even in case the gland is unevenly tightened.
Globe valves can be installed, either with the flow over or under the disc, depending on the service condition. However, in the case of steam and other such hot services that include drain lines, globe valves ought to be installed with flow over the disc to avert unseating caused as an effect of differential thermal expansion that would otherwise result in leakage and consequent wire drawing.
End Connection
Socket-weld ends to ASME B16.11 Butt-weld ends to BS 5352 Annexure D Screwed ends (NPT) to ASME B1.20.1
Bore Diameter
Both Class 1500 and Class 2500 valves have bore diameters conforming to Class 1500-Standard Bore of BS 5352, with the exception of 15mm Class 2500 valve which has a bore diameter of 14.5mm.
Y-pattern Check Valves
Y-pattern Check Valves incorporate the same design and construction features as their globe valve counterparts. The spring-loaded disc minimises chattering and enables the valve to be installed either in a horizontal or vertical position.
Body-Bonnet Joint
The bonnet is screwed to the body with ACME threads to ensure ease of dismantling and resistance to galling. A graphite gasket is provided for tight sealing. This joint is tack-welded to prevent loosening while in service. The bonnet can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance of inner parts. The joint can also be seal-welded on request.
Die-moulded graphite rings are used as packing to provide for optimal performance at high pressures and temperatures. Two filament rings provided at the top and bottom of the graphite packing rings act as anti-extrusion rings. Moreover, a smooth surface finish on the stuffing box along with a precision-machined stem ensure optimum sealing and packing life.
The stem is ACME-threaded and is ground for smooth operation.