Back Pull-Out Design

The pump arrangement with feet on casing and flanged bearing assembly permits simple dismantling of rotor assembly by using spacer type coupling. All the rotating parts most subject to wear & tear can removed without disturbing the piping, the casing or the motor. If desired, a standby replacement assem may be substituted and the unit set to work again with minimum delay.

The original assembly may be repaired at convenience under ideal shop conditions. Since the casing and motor are undisturbed during the whole operation, no realignment is necessary after reassembly.

                                                                      'CC CUT SECTION
Special Construction

mounded Casing

recommended for pumping tempratures beyond 177C

Semi-Open impeller

with replaceable wear plant for fluids having clogging tendencies
Stuffing Box

for handling fluids at high teprature, especially designed to cool along the shaft, saves heat-loss from puped fluid

Bearing Assembly

for higher thrust capability. Roller bearing at the inboard end and two single row angular contact bearing at the outboard end keeps the shaft end-play within permissible limits.

Heating Chamber
on casing and stuffing box to handle congealing fluids which have to be pumped close to their solidifying temperature where intensive heating is required on both sides of the casing.
Oil Bath Cooling
recommended for pumping temperatures in excess of 175°C and is a must beyond 260°C. Provision of cooling coil ensures most effective cooling.
Part List-Normal Construction
Performance Range Chart
Extensive coverage of Sulzer Series 'CC & 'CCV Pumps gives you more and better selection at any design point. This means, even at application points faling at the top or bottom of the chart, where efficiency is traditionally hard to come by, you can select a pump to reduce costs and do your job better.
Each pump is designed for optimum performance with greatest reliability and lowest cost.
                                1450 rpm
The chart below shows
32 SERIES 'CC Standard
Models and their
interchangeability within
this pump line. The Interchangeability is realistic, Practical and based on the
needs of the industry and not stretched beyond reasonable
limits. Within
5 bearing assemblies
12 adapters and 17 stuffing box covers.
a large number of different .combinationsare possible
to match your exact needs.
Base Plate
Selection Chart
Selection Chart
Base Plate Dimension &
Recommended Foundation
  Flange Dimensions